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Business Opportunity

Mobile Dump Station's business opportunity is truly unique and amazing. Why do we say this? Because if you look at all of the various business opportunities out there they either have an enormous start-up fee, are difficult to succeed at (because there is too much competition or the product or service is too hard to sell) or the new business owner does not have enough internet marketing expertise to thrive in today's digital world. The Mobile Dump Station Business opportunity eliminates these few key pitfalls of starting a new business. 

What is Mobile Dump Station? We are the only nationwide RV holding tank emptying and cleaning service that comes to the customer's location and does all the dirty work for them. RV travelers and dwellers absolutely love our service. Once they use our service they are hooked!

Now let's get down to business. Below you will see all the details of our business opportunity. If you have any questions after reviewing the information please feel free to call us directly at (949) 484-8350. Ask for Lando.


  1. Mobile Dump Station is only accepting 20 new business owners to join our team starting July 4, 2019. Approximately 90 days later we will allow more to join. We currently have  14  spots remaining of the 20. 

  2. Before you contact us please make sure that the territory you want is not already taken. Enter Territory Page Here

Business Start-up Packages:

1. Territory Ownership 

You own one or more cities or a county. We want you to have a population of at least 500,000 to work with. No other Mobile Dump Station owner can operate in your territory without your permission. You will receive all local leads funneled in from our website.

2. Basic Operating Equipment

  • 1 RV holding tank pump

  • 1 RV battery power station (to run your pump)

  • 1 box of parts and fittings

Note: each business owner is responsible for purchasing and configuring his or her waste holding tank. We will help you with this process.​

3. Training and Support

  • Direct phone training and support

  • Online training materials

  • Training videos

  • Weekly conference calls

  • Private Facebook group (get quick help from others when you post a question)

4. Internet Marketing Package

  • 3 custom web pages within our website

  • 1 Local Google business listing

  • $100 worth of online google ads

  • Access to stock logos and photos

  • Access to professional marketing videos

5. Marketing Materials

  • 500 business cards

  • 3 magnetic signs

  • 5 t-shirts

  • 250 brochures 



+ $250 per month

Receive everything listed on our Basic package plus the following:

An advanced website and digital marketing package. 

  1. A unique domain name. For example 

  2. A custom designed website (up to 5 pages)

  3. Custom Google Ads account with $300 worth of advertising credit.

  4. Google Analytics account setup and training. Learn more here.

  5. Custom Youtube channel

  6. Custom Facebook page



+ $350 per month

What's So Great About This Opportunity?

  • A low start-up cost. Most franchise opportunities require a minimum of $500,000.00 in investment capital. The opportunities out there that have a low start-up cost such as direct marketing/network marking or becoming an "authorized dealer" usually take much more work than the average person is capable of in order to achieve decent income. A Mobile Dump Station business can be started for under $8,000.00 if you own a truck or van already. Read more about start-up costs further down on this page.

  • Virtually zero competition yet a highly needed service. How many business types can you think of in your city or town that don't already have multiple competitors? In some business categories such as plumbers, electricians, landscapers, appliance repair - you will see dozens of competing businesses. When you own a business that has zero competition you end up with much less advertising costs, much higher referral rates and the amount of time you spend to acquire one customer is greatly reduced because they are not "shopping around." On top of all of these points, you can charge for services what you need to charge to run a healthy business. Where there is lost of competition there is always the worry of having to lower your rates just to get jobs in.

  • Internet marketing support. Probably one of the biggest reasons a new small business will fail is because the owner's do not have the marketing expertise needed to get immediate and abundant paying customers in the door. Mobile Dump Station offers high-level marketing support that takes all of the stress and worries away from its independent owners. You can read in more detail of what we offer further down on this page.  Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee results in any given part of the United States, but we can tell you that if you live in a city or county with a population of 500,000 or more and you see RVs, luxury buses, mobile pet grooming vans and food trucks around you should be poised to do really well.

Mobile Dump Station's Services (what we provide to the RV owner/renter):

Mobile Dump Station offers a few very specific services related to RV holding tanks. We are truly a one-of-a-kind business. Not only is our service concept unique, but it's MUCH needed. It doesn't take hours of research to come to the conclusion that there are millions of RV owners throughout the United States. That being said, our dealers never have to worry about running out of customers.

  1. On-site RV holding tank emptying. In other words, we bring the dump station to our customers' location and do the "dirty work" for them. 

  2. RV holding tank cleaning. This is a very popular service. In detail, we offer deep cleaning of both gray and black water tanks. The is a VERY popular service due to the fact that we are literally making a smelly old tank like new. No more foul odors and no more sensor misreads.

  3. Unclogging of RV plumbing lines. RV users are constantly clogging up their plumbing lines. This is mostly caused by using non-RV toilet paper or people putting items down the toilet that shouldn't go there.

  4. Freshwater refill. This is the easiest and most profitable part of our work. When RV owners are on the go constantly need water. Whether it's for flushing the toilet, washing dishes or taking a shower - water goes quickly. Especially when an entire family is traveling in one RV.

Customer Types and Work Environments:

Tank Emptying Service

  • RV owners

  • RV renters

  • Luxury tour buses

  • Mobile workshops

  • Equestrian RV trailers 

Tank Deep Cleaning Service

  • RV owners

  • RV rental centers

  • RV dealerships

  • Luxury tour buses

  • Mobile pet grooming vans

  • Food trucks

  • Mobile workshops

  • Equestrian RV trailers 

  • Food trucks and trailers

Places We Go

  • Homes

  • RV storage facilities

  • Commercial/Industrial parking

  • Street parking

  • State parks and beaches

  • Offroading gatherings

  • Special events and competitions that welcome RV parking

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